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Funeral Celebrant Services
Offered by Beverley Bulmer

Having to plan a funeral ceremony is something many of us will be tasked with at some point in our lives.


Choosing to use the services of a Funeral Celebrant enables you to develop the ceremony of your choice, empowering you to have a full say in how you feel the ceremony is to be themed, and meaning you hold as much or as little involvement in the presentation and delivery of the ceremony as you wish.


In preparing the ceremony, we meet to discuss the life of your loved one and all that you’ve shared together. This enables me to get a real feel for them as an individual.  At the same time, we discuss music and other content that is important to you along with any other aspects of the ceremony that you feel to include, whilst also honouring any requests your loved one may have made prior to their death.


From this point I prepare a tailor-made ceremony that reflects them personally.  The result being a truly intimate and bespoke ceremony that offers both a celebration and appreciation of your loved one, to share with your family and friends.

Once written, we read through the whole of the ceremony ahead of the funeral to make sure the content is accurate and true to the deceased. It’s a very sensitive time and I’m there to support you in getting it just right. 

So whether it’s ending the ceremony quietly and gently or with everyone singing along to ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ with their arms in the air, (which has been done), whatever is special and true for you is the way it should be. 

If you wish for your loved one to arrive in a brightly coloured hearse, a motorbike hearse, a horse and carriage or on the back of a pickup truck, most things are possible, just ask the question and let’s see.


It’s also possible for the ceremony to take place in a location of your choice. From the privacy of your own garden to a local woodland burial ground or local crematorium. There are many other options available that I am able to support you with in partnership with your chosen funeral director.

Whether your preference is more traditional in approach, or if you choose something a little bit different, my motto is ‘The rule is, there are no rules’ (within the bounds of reason of course and so long as it’s legal) as such an important part of the grieving process is to have a ceremony that truly portrays and reflects your loved one in every way. 


Celebration of Life / Funeral Ceremonies / Memorial Ceremonies

from £230

Interment of Ashes

from £70


Beverley covers a wide area of Norfolk and Suffolk and also

further as required, with a fee for travel expenses on distances

over 25 miles from Attleborough, Norfolk

Script writing services are available for all ceremonies

and are tailor-made for the individual as required.

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