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Beverley Bulmer

Beverley presents workshops and offers individual consults, offering inspiration and support in preparing and recording your end of life wishes, fully understanding that this task may feel rather daunting, as there are so many avenues to explore and points to take into account. 

The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package serves as a great tool to bring simplicity and ease to the process, offering information and resource at your fingertips, in order to begin the steps in taking responsibility for organising your end of life wishes. 

The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Workshops, look to address and discuss a range of various topics, which are all included within the Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package, also dispelling some of the myths around the subject of end of life planning, along with many frequently asked questions. Thus enabling you to establish what exactly is required, both legally and otherwise, for you to have all your plans in order.  The workshops also offer the opportunity for you to open up the personal conversations, supporting you to thoroughly consider your wishes.

As a presenter, Beverley brings to these workshops her skill of transferring ease and simplicity to this somewhat extensive subject, enabling the attendee to feel empowered in taking responsibility in their preparations and more informed about some of the choices that lay before them. 

If you would like Beverley to present a workshop in your area or to your group or organisation, either in person or online, or if you would like to book a personal one to one consultation with Beverley please contact Beverley here.

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