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About Beverley

I have always been a people person and from an early age held a keen interest in discovering just what this life is all about. This led me to explore the field of complementary medicine, on my quest to find the 'meaning of life' and in the knowing that there is so much more to us than meets the eye.

In 2015, I decided to train as a Civil Celebrant, with my first aspiration to be able to offer bespoke wedding ceremonies. The first part of the course covered funeral ceremonies and I completed this under duress in order to be able to get to the wedding part of the course. 

On qualifying my first booking was for a funeral ceremony and from this point I knew my vocation was coming to the fore. It is also the point at which I became ever more curious about how we deal with death and the dying process, and from here I realised that there were many questions that I did not have answers to on the practicalities of what had to be done.

It was this that led me to make my own investigations and I soon realised that there is much to be considered in preparation for our end of life and so from this I gathered answers to my many questions and realised that others may also be in the same situation. I could not find a singular comprehensive document that offered insight into all that is required. There are many individual offerings, but nothing that collated things in one place - and so I set about compiling what turned out to be the Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package - based firstly on my own interest and then from the understanding that it's contents would be a much needed support for others.

It is from this perspective that you are offered the Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package in order to support you in having the conversations required with those close to you, providing a template for you to record all your wishes in an easy to follow guide that is designed to work alongside your other legal documentation, such as your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney Documents, Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) and any others that you may choose to put in place, as you take responsibility for organising your end of life affairs.

Enjoy the process, as you prepare a true gift for those
who are left to take care of your wishes.

Leaving Gracefully
A Social Enterprise Company


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The following interview is an open and informal discussion about the purpose and inspiration behind the Leaving Gracefully package, along with more about the benefits of its use for all concerned

An interview with Beverley conducted by Gayle Cue from Fiery Services
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