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Leaving Gracefully Package


End of Life Planning Package

The Leaving Gracefully End of life Planning Package is a document that is designed to work alongside your Will and other legal documents. It offers a wealth of information on the practicalities of death and dying and insights into many of things that are to be considered when taking responsibility for your end of life preparations.

The Leaving Gracefully Package is very user friendly and offers in-depth information in a relaxed, easy to understand format that is supportive for all, whilst offering encouragement for you to approach this topic without having to feel it is a burden to do so.  Everything is presented for you in one place and ready for you to complete this important process as you prepare for Leaving Gracefully. The Leaving Gracefully Package is made up of the following booklet and notebook.

Leaving Gracefully Booklet

The Leaving Gracefully Booklet has an abundance of information and frequently asked questions around the practicalities of the documentation required to support you in Leaving Gracefully, along with an in-depth resource section to support you in your preparations.

Leaving Gracefully Notebook

The Notebook is a loose-leaf section where you are able to record your details and wishes leading up to the end of your life and also your wishes that are to be carried out after your death.  This section prompts you with questions in an easy to answer format that enables you to cover many aspects of what is required towards the end of your life and also after your death.

Advance Care Plan_edited.png

Included in the Leaving Gracefully Pack is an Advance Care Plan document where you can record your care wishes.  Here you can make a note of all the things that are important to you in relation to any future care you may require. There is also space to write a little bit about yourself and all your personal preferences to do with your care and your usual daily routine, adding all your likes and dislikes in order to support those who are looking after you.

The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package offers true support to those around you who will be taking care of you, before you die (if this is required) and after your death - supporting them to carry out your wishes as per your directive rather than their assumption.

The benefit of taking the time to consider all of the above offers an opportunity to take full responsibility for your end of life wishes and enables you to leave clear instruction for how you are to be cared for and how your affairs are to be organised after your death.

IMPORTANT: The information in this package is intended to support people to think about and plan for their end of life. It is based on the laws of England, and people who live in another country should make their own enquiries.
This package is not legal or medical advice, and is not in any way intended to replace professional advice. The topics covered are both technical and sensitive. Appropriate consultation with relevant professionals is strongly recommended.
Professionals may include, depending on the circumstances, and on any actions being considered, solicitors, doctors and social workers, or others. The author and publisher accept no liability for any losses arising neither from any person acting in reliance on the information contained in this package, nor from any omissions to it.

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