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Leaving Gracefully Booklet



The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Booklet offers the following sections to support and inspire you in the preparation, planning and recording of your end of life wishes, in readiness for your own passing over.

Welcome and purpose

The Leaving Gracefully Booklet begins with presenting the importance of recording your end of life wishes and explains how supportive it is for you to have done so, for all those around you.  The introduction invites you to begin having the conversation with those close to you, in order to be clear and take responsibility for recording your end of life wishes 

Preparation review

There is then an opportunity for you to take a quick review of where you are up to in your preparations thus far and there is a check list of both legal and non-legal documentation, along with further points that you may wish to consider as you organise your affairs.

Six points to getting started

You are then invited to take a look at 6 points that are a great start point in your preparations. This section offers more details about Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Advanced Decision to Refuse Treatment, Advance Statements and Care Plans, Funeral Wishes, along with a reminder of the importance of keeping all those around you informed and updated with all your plans.

Advance care plan

Following on - there is a more detailed section that offers support in preparing your Advance Care Plan, which covers many things you may wish to include in your planning - prompting you to consider many questions that may require answers if you were unable to communicate these for yourself.

Practical and general information

The next section looks at some of the practicalities and offers some general information around what to do when someone dies.  Going on to explain some of the situations that may arise and what can happen in those particular situations. It also introduces some of the paperwork required for cremation and burial and explores some of the options available.

Frequently asked questions

Next there is a section of Frequently Asked Questions - where many of the things you may have wondered about are presented with a brief explanation and further guidance to support you in your preparations.

List of resources

Finally, there is a comprehensive list of RESOURCES connecting you with websites and organisations that offer further information, enabling you to make informed choices as you move forward in organising your affairs.

Leaving Gracefully Booklet
Leaving Gracefully Booklet
Death and Dying
Leaving Gracefully Notebook
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