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Property and finance & Health and Welfare ~ LPA - Overview information.                          

LPA forms to download

LPA Forms in order to prepare your own LPA

Make an LPA Online

Create an account to make an LPA. There is help and guidance at each step and you are able to save your forms and complete them later before reviewing your answers, collecting signatures and sending off to the  Office of the Public Guardian be registered.

Office of the Public Guardian

Offers further advice on LPA and the registration process. Tel: 0300 4560300

ADA - Advance Decisions Assistance

Charity based website offering free support in preparing an Advance Decision document (sometimes called a Living Will or Advance Directive) It is a document that enables you to record any treatment that you do not want to receive. This website has a FAQ section and also offers information and guidance on Advance Care Plan and Advance Statement - These last two are not legally binding of themselves but offer guidance to those around you for your end of life care and more details about you and your personal preferences. Tel. 01768 775566

Making an Advance Decision to refuse Treatment (ADRT/Living Will) with the Toolboxx Ltd Web portal

An online service that supports the preparation of your Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (Living Will) documentation. An easy to use format that clearly explains each step of the process, asking relevant questions and explaining terminology along the way, enabling you to save and store your answers in order to return and complete the document at a later time. Once completed, a final document is generated that clearly states all your wishes, which can then be shared with those whom you have allocated to speak on your behalf, such as the Attorneys set out in your LPA. 

(There is a cost for using this service that is offered from an outside organisation - Trust Inheritance)

NHS Choices - End of life care and planning ahead

Offering links and explanations on various topics including Lasting Power of Attorney -Advance Decision to refuse treatment - Advance Statement

ReSPECT - Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care & Treatment

For up to date information and more on the implementation of this process in the UK please visit

Making a Will

An overview of making a will, writing a will, making sure your will is legal and updating your will.

Money Saving Expert

Advice on how to cheaply make a will

Age UK - Information on making a will

NOTE: A simple mistake in a Will can have significant consequences so it is advisable to consider having a qualified professional to draft your Will wherever possible.


A charity based UK organisation offering support to the over 50' and older community.  

The Law Society

An independent professional body for solicitors. Can help you find a legal professional in your area. Tel. 020 7242 1222

SOLLA - Society Of Later Life Advisers

Support in finding trusted and accredited Financial Advisers who understand financial needs of later life.

Rocket Lawyer

Offering simple access to affordable legal advice and document templates.

Wills, probate and inheritance

Government information on what has to be done

The Digital Legacy Association

The Digital Legacy Association is a professional body dedicated to raising the quality of end of life care in all areas relating to digital asset and digital legacy. Their mission is to help ensure that everyone’s end of life wishes are met both in the real world and the digital realm. They offer support to the general public by continuing to develop standards, frameworks and toolkits with charities and organisations that address end of life.

The Good Funeral Guide

The Good Funeral Guide is an independent, not-for-profit information resource for funeral advice.

The Natural Death Centre

A charity based organisation offering Independent Funeral Advice - information offering support in all aspects of arranging a funeral and dispelling some of the myths

Dying Matters

Raising awareness of death and dying and encouraging the conversation - Lots of information

Funeral Advisor

In association with The Natural Death Centre Charity - Funeral Advisor is a not-for-profit social enterprise aimed at supporting people to find the right funeral director for them. They are completely independent of the funeral industry.

NAFD - National Association of Funeral Directors

Providing support and guidance to funeral firms and the bereaved families in their care. Representing more than 3,700 UK funeral homes nationwide.  Tel. 0845 250 8435

Tell us Once

A service offered by some local authorities that will inform all Government Agencies of the death.  When you register a death - the registrar will let you know if this is available in your area.


End of life admin made simple. A free service offering death notification to inform all companies in one go. Request account closure, transfer or amendment, obtain date of death balances for probate and track everything through to completion in one central place.

MPS - (Mailing Preference Service)

The MPS will prevent the receipt of unsolicited direct mailings sent from member companies of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and also take steps towards preventing the receipt of unsolicited direct mailings from companies which are non-DMA members.  

SAIF - Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

Representing more than 900 privately owned funeral homes across the UK. By choosing a SAIF member, bereaved families can be assured of a compassionate, professional approach, under pinned by our industry leading Code of Practice. Tel. 0345 230 6777

Government help to pay for a funeral

There is a fund available to support with funeral costs if you are on a low income

What to do after someone dies

Government website information on all that has to be legally done when someone dies

Body Donation

For more information and to find your local medical school, visit the HTA (Human Tissue Authority)

Scattering of Ashes

For more information, visit the Funeral Choice website

Any further questions may be answered by looking at this leaflet Funeral Practices and for further questions, contact the Environment Agency Tel. 0845 988 1188

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