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Leaving Gracefully Notebook



The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Notebook is a loose leaf section, which firstly elaborates further on the importance of recording your wishes clearly, in order to support those close to you who would have the job of organising and overseeing your end of life care and also for those having an active role in sorting out your affairs after your death.

There is caution offered here on ensuring that only allocated people have access to you personal information, so as to not compromise your personal security.  (Legal advice may be required on how to best manage this.)

The Notebook presents questions for you to answer and fill in, making the process simple and effective, whilst taking full responsibility for your choices and how these are to be carried out for you.

There is a section for personal details; another for you to record a little about yourself and going on to list your solicitor, accountant and other people that would need to be contacted and a reminder of the paperwork that would be required to close down your life when you are no longer here, including listing any subscriptions or contracts you may have that would need to be ended. 

There is space for you to record your wishes regarding your employment/business, home, vehicles, people to contact and those who you would not wish to be contacted.  There is a brief overview for you to record information on documentation such as Advance Decisions to Refuse treatment (ADRT), Advance Statement and Advance Care Plan information and going on to a section where you are asked relevant questions about what you would like to happen to your body after your death and any funeral arrangements that you would like to take place.

The Notebook is also available in Dutch and applies to people living in the Netherlands. For more information or to order a package in this translation, contact or visit the website

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