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End of life preparations

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I record my wishes?
    It's one thing verbalising your wishes, but having them recorded clearly leaves them less likely to be re-interpreted and there is more chance they will be carried out in a way that you choose them to be, rather than based on someone’s assumption and/or perspective of what they think you would like. It is also not wise to assume that your family would have the authority to make certain decisions on your behalf. Also let's consider how they would cope with having to make what could be, some difficult decisions on your behalf. Therefore leaving clear instructions offers a great support for those looking after your affairs and it actually eases what may be for them, a very difficult time in their life, as they proceed in the knowing that they are, to the best of their ability, carrying out your wishes as per your directive.
  • What is the purpose of the Leaving Gracefully Package?
    The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package sets out to bring simplicity and ease to what could be a very daunting process. There are many avenues available to record your end of life wishes, but the Leaving Gracefully package offers most, if not all of what is required in a comprehensive and easy to use format. There is so much to consider and record, so having all the information presented to you in an understandable and easy to use and layout, is a true support in recording your wishes with relative ease.
  • How can Leaving Gracefully support me?
    As you work through the Booklet, Notebook and Advance Care Plan document, you are offered support by way of prompting questions in how to move towards making informed choices on how best to record your wishes. This is something that many people consider doing but many do not complete, due to the extent of the information that has to be gathered. The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning package seeks to bring an ease to this process, enabling you to feel that you have taken responsibility for organising your end of life plans and wishes and thus leaving you to get on with living.
  • What if I can't decide on certain things?
    Legal advice is strongly recommended for some areas, especially for your Will and it is also a good idea to talk things through with someone close to you in order to support you in coming to decisions that truly support you. For some decisions you may require the advice of a medical professional, all of which should be sought in order to make the decisions that truly support you personally.
  • Is the Leaving Gracefully Package available in other languages?
    Yes, the Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package is currently available in Dutch and is applicable for people living in the Netherlands. For more information or to order a package contact or visit the website
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