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Discussion Cards

The Leaving Gracefully Discussion Cards are offered to inspire and support conversations around; death and dying, where to start making preparations, end of life care and wishes, advance decisions to refuse treatment, funerals and a whole lot more.

There are 47 cards presented in 7 sections along with a user guide booklet to support and enhance the use of the cards.

Death and Dying Preparations Where to Start Decisions

End of Life Care Funerals Questions


The cards can be used;

  • by individuals for their own self exploration

  • in families to open up the conversation and allow wishes to be discussed

  • or in groups both large and small.


All of the questions form a foundation to begin what are sometimes considered ‘difficult’ conversations. The cards come with a ‘user guide’ booklet that offers suggestions for use and tips on how to maximise group work and get the conversation flowing.


Heading 1

The 7 Death and Dying cards encourage us to talk about death and how we feel about our own mortality.

There are 8 cards with questions about Preparations to consider in relation to wills and Lasting Power of Attorney.

The Where to Start section offers 5 questions on how we feel about making our preparations and where we might start.

When it comes to Decisions, there are 5 questions which pay attention to areas we may not have considered.

End of Life Care has 4 direct questions about what we would like to happen as we reach the end of our life, with a focus on the care we would wish to receive and any treatment we may choose to refuse.

The Funeral section has 12 cards and opens up a wealth of opportunities to discuss how we feel about funerals and what they mean to us, whilst also asking us to consider if we would like to be buried or cremated and inviting the exploration into what we would like to be included in our funeral.


There are also 6 cards with general Questions that are quite often asked.

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