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Advance Care Plan

The Leaving Gracefully End of Life Planning Package also includes an Advance Care Plan form, in order for you to record your personal wishes around any care you may require in the future

An Advance Care Plan (ACP) is not a legally binding document. It is however, a very valuable document that offers great insight for those who will be taking care of you if you are no longer able to this for yourself. 


In preparing your Advance Care Plan the questions on the form prompt you to consider many aspects in relation to all levels of your future care:

  • How and where you wish this to be carried out

  • Details of your personal preferences and daily routine

  • People that are important to you

  • Who you would like and who you would not like to visit

  • More about your personality and your values

  • Your likes and dislikes

  • Where you would like your end of life care to take place


There is also space to record a little bit about yourself and your life too. All of which offers a greater understanding for those who are to be caring for you.


To support you further in completing the form, there is a whole section in the Leaving Gracefully Booklet dedicated to your Advance Care Plan, offering many suggestions regarding any further considerations you may have.

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